Lisa Arronis

artwork and musings from the studio

The only way to get past the doubts and fears you have about your practice is to suspend your judgement. One cannot stop it, that would be like trying to stop night from following day. If we just let it be there without believing it, take a moment and open our eyes and listen to the work, we might just find there is something present that we never had the eyes to see before.

I have had the pleasure of working with some excellent teachers of late, not just incredibly talented artists, but good educators. They are honest, and they have been pointing at the moon for a while now and I have only just stopped looking at their fingers.

I thank them for sometimes stealing my work from me when I was about to ruin it, for forgiving me when I accidentally made their work instead of my own, for reminding me that art is not only painting, for helping me see that not every hour you spend in the studio is productive in the sense of creating work (and that is ok) and for helping me to see that doing the work is much more important than selling it.

I am forever grateful, and so is my muse (we don’t fight as much any more)

In this journal I will share the highs and lows of my studio practice for your judgement or pleasure. I welcome both and hope you are inclined to connect with a follow or a comment

sins of the father

“sins of the father” acrylic, graphite and pencil on paper

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