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artwork and musings from the studio

Let us be reckless of our words and worlds,
And spend them freely as the tree his leaves;
And give them where the giving is most blest.
What should we save them for, –a night of frost? . . .
All lost for nothing, and ourselves a ghost

Conrad Aiken–One Star Fell and Another

On the 6th of November at the Byron School of Art Project Space I will show the work I have been creating as part of the Visual Arts Portfolio Course in a Solo Exhibition called “Words That Fall Like Stars”.

These paintings celebrate of the beauty of language and expression. Inspired by words I have come across that hold more power than marks on paper should. Words like art. Glorious words that fall like stars from the mouths of those that know them, words that when you find them, ignite a spark of consciousness that connects us better than any mobile service or wireless network ever could.


"Meraki" encaustic, cold wax and oil on board

“Meraki” encaustic, cold wax and oil on board


(Love, Blood and Tears :: a reason not to die)

mA-‘rak-E (n) Greek

The soul, creativity or love that you put into something.

The essence of self that you put into your work.


Stay in touch for more details as the date approaches

please contact using the site or on Facebook

if you wish to receive and invitation.


One thought on “let us be reckless…

  1. Zom Osborne says:

    I would love to receive an invitation.


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