10 thoughts on “day 2 Blogtober challenge – sharing my favourite quote…

  1. Hi, I think it`s the lack of persistence that makes people fail. Well, maybe not people, but me for sure, when I start a new project I`m always enthusiastic but later on my patience goes out of the windows. Sometimes I even feel like I`m not able to finish anything. But that`s just me, I guess


    1. I think sometimes I don’t finish things because I am comfortable failing…and I often ruin a good painting by not being satisfied with its own beauty, but seeking some idea of perfection. I might be my own worst enemy.


  2. I think you get the gold star. Fabulous advice that I need to remember to tell my students.
    I started my art education with pretty poor taste. Perhaps that made it easier – though it was still years before I felt like showing anything.
    My teacher used to say 300 bad paintings. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t reached three hundred yet.


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