ten things about me…

I have joined the Facebook Blogtober Challenge hoping that it will help me reinvigorate my blogging.

In this challenge we post daily on a specific topic assigned, for the month of October.

Day one is 10 facts about me, I am going to be honest and open on the challenges and maybe I will learn something about myself… here we go

  • My home is in the village of Uki NSW near Mt Warning, one of the most beautiful places I know and can waste many hours looking out the view from my windows
  • Waking up the other morning I thought about how old I am and realised that I can’t really put off doing the things I want to do any longer…I will never fit into those jeans again, and I also realised that I had better figure out what it is I want to do.
  • I come across a bit rude sometimes, but it is because I am shy and have self-esteem issues. I am mostly afraid of people and although I am social, I am also very introverted which poses quite a challenge.
  • I express myself creatively because I am socially challenged, my home and my studio are my favourite places and when I am there, life makes sense.
  • I am a self-taught figurative ceramic sculptor who is now working in abstract drawing and painting and the great leap from one to the other is making my head spin.
  • I married the love of my life and consider myself the luckiest woman alive for that
  • I hate having my photograph taken because I don’t recognise the woman in the frame at all.
  • my sisters are my best friends and I cannot imagine life without them.
  • I think Lebanese food is love on a plate and I cook a mean feast, I always imagine I would like to have people over and share food/love with them but I am too introverted to ever do it.
  • I saw the movie Jaws too young and am afraid of swimming at the beach.
  • I have an unhealthy addiction to art supplies.




10 thoughts on “ten things about me…

  1. A sweet post Lisa. I am glad you are in the Blogtober challenge.
    You are very fortunate to have your sisters. I was closer to my sister than anyone, but I lost her to schizophrenia and miss her dreadfully.


  2. Hahaha

    I think all us creative types have this issue, we want the company of others but prefer our own. I don’t think there can ever be an unhealthy addiction to art supplies or stationary 😆😊


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