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This one is interesting… what can’t I do without?

well, if I am honest one thing would be caffeine

no coffee no talkie really

so I suppose my coffee machine god bless it,

and a handmade cup to sip from (I have quite a collection)

Standard uniform, jeans and a black cotton t shirt,

because I could not imagine wondering what to wear every day.

Glasses, as I am quite blind without them.

Mobile phone, my main contact with the wide world.

 iPod, because after silence, music is closest to peace for me

A good book, sipped slowly or devoured …depending on the story

and finally, making time to recognise beauty somewhere


5 thoughts on “Blogtober day 3 my everyday essentials…

  1. Everything about your list sums up my life before kids. I’m utterly jealous of you!


  2. Holly Reed says:

    I love the simplicity of your list and the way you layed it out! 🙂 I love to just stop and gaze out my window, it takes my breath away and give me something new to think about!


    1. Lisa Arronis says:

      Thanks Holly, it was a good thing to ponder, what you might find essential in your life.


  3. Sam says:

    I love how simple and to the point your list is and am totally with you on the book front, what a perfect way to describe it.


    1. Lisa Arronis says:

      Yes, I would crawl into some and live there if I could.


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