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Well, this one has stumped me.

All day I have been thinking about it.

I do not have a bucket list.

Should I make one up for the challenge, I thought

Climb a mountain, swim with dolphins, write a novel,

achieve my happy weight?

If I did make a list of the things I want to achieve

before I kick the proverbial bucket

it would be short, and might go something like this.



 trust my Self

 let go of past hurts

 relinquish judgement

 to understand why I am here

and to make a piece of art that touches someone


An image of Three studies from the Temeraire by Cy Twombly

I sat in front of it for an hour

there is so much freedom in it

and I am so not free.

it made me cry.

4 thoughts on “day 4 what is left on my bucket list?…

  1. Your list is so unique, it`s spiritual. I want to forgive and leave past behind so much, it hurts. Sometimes. Maybe I should just let go instead. Very inspiring. You touched my feelings with this post.


  2. This is the bucket list that almost everyone should write! And it is a little bit spiritual. I think you’ve come up with something life affirming and soul soothing. Nice work! Sophie x


  3. Sam says:

    I really just want to hug you after reading this. X


  4. Zom Osborne says:

    “achieve my happy weight” – that one made me laugh.
    A beautiful post Lisa.


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