Lisa Arronis

artwork and musings from the studio

“Emptiness is the track on which the centered person moves” -Tibetan saying


I have worked out what’s going on

with these letters to no one

published and forgotten.

I am testifying

purifying through action


throwing breadcrumbs…bending branches

marking trunks …writing on walls

getting lost

leaving a shul


I had the pleasure of coming upon this picture

…yes, I was aimlessly peeling

pinterest’s onionesque layers

seeking that moment

no one can absolutely explain

when you experience something

that inspires intimacy

an object or work of art

a piece of writing

a surface, a piece of music

…wanting to be moved


Untitled (A Painting in Two Parts) (Part 1) 1896  – Cy Twombly

and there it was

like the rush of a drug

but better…purer…

like everything that is beautiful and terrible

within this existence encloses you completely

and you feel the perfection of everything

you disappear for a moment

and for a couple of seconds

you understand why you are here

it all makes sense


I’m only looking at an image of this work

what must it be like to stand with such a piece

to set aside the fact that it was painted by a great artist

and all the weight that comes with that

to put away all ideas of whether you think it is good or bad

to just stand there and look

even in reproduction

it holds a raw energy


these pieces, when I find them

leave a shule in me

they teach me how to look

they confirm what I am seeking

they remind me why I continue to work

why I want to engage in a dialogue

with artists living and dead

to be part of the conversation

that is art


(Tibetan: shul, “a mark that remains after that which made it has passed by,the scarred hollow in the ground where a house once stood, the channel worn through rock where a river runs in flood, the indentation in the grass where an animal slept)











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