Lisa Arronis

artwork and musings from the studio

I paint abstract mixed media works and create sculpture.

My studio practice is a physical thinking process.

The quality of memory, and the nature of reality, things lost and found along the way, who I am,  things I want to remember; all these ideas play out in my work.

The rhythm and repetition employed in working with clay, or pigment and layers of wax is conducive to a meditative practice.

I see beauty in battered surfaces, and the humanity of unintentional marks. I am continually striving for an experience that revolves around some sort of disclosure or uncovering.

My creative process is a way of staying present and gaining acceptance of things that I do not fully understand.

Trusting materiality to guide the work, adding and removing layers,

Seeking to unearth the final piece.

Where there is restraint, and honesty, I feel I am successful.


“unraveling 2” acrylic, ink charcoal and graphite on tailors paper

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