I paint abstract mixed media works and create sculpture in clay and other materials.

My studio practice is a physical thinking process; I consider issues related to the human condition, the quality of memory and the nature of reality.

Art making is the closest I get to meditation. Allowing me space to explore the complexity of the human condition and the duality it presents.

The quality of memory, and the nature of reality, things lost and found along the way, who I am, and the person I want to be; all these ideas play out in my work as an artist.

The rhythm and repetition employed in working with clay, or pigment and layers of wax is conducive to a meditative practice.

I see beauty in battered surfaces, and the humanity of unintentional marks. I am continually striving for an experience that revolves around some sort of disclosure or uncovering.

My creative process is a way of staying present and gaining acceptance of things that I do not fully understand around me.

Trusting materiality to guide the work, adding and removing layers, seeking to unearth the final piece, rather than planning a deliberate structure or predetermined result.

Where there is restraint, and honesty, I feel I am successful.








“unraveling 2” acrylic, ink charcoal and graphite on tailors paper