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I have joined the Facebook Blogtober Challenge hoping that it will help me reinvigorate my blogging.

In this challenge we post daily on a specific topic assigned, for the month of October.

Day one is 10 facts about me, I am going to be honest and open on the challenges and maybe I will learn something about myself… here we go

  • My home is in the village of Uki NSW near Mt Warning, one of the most beautiful places I know and can waste many hours looking out the view from my windows
  • Waking up the other morning I thought about how old I am and realised that I can’t really put off doing the things I want to do any longer…I will never fit into those jeans again, and I also realised that I had better figure out what it is I want to do.
  • I come across a bit rude sometimes, but it is because I am shy and have self-esteem issues. I am mostly afraid of people and although I am social, I am also very introverted which poses quite a challenge.
  • I express myself creatively because I am socially challenged, my home and my studio are my favourite places and when I am there, life makes sense.
  • I am a self-taught figurative ceramic sculptor who is now working in abstract drawing and painting and the great leap from one to the other is making my head spin.
  • I married the love of my life and consider myself the luckiest woman alive for that
  • I hate having my photograph taken because I don’t recognise the woman in the frame at all.
  • my sisters are my best friends and I cannot imagine life without them.
  • I think Lebanese food is love on a plate and I cook a mean feast, I always imagine I would like to have people over and share food/love with them but I am too introverted to ever do it.
  • I saw the movie Jaws too young and am afraid of swimming at the beach.
  • I have an unhealthy addiction to art supplies.




Let us be reckless of our words and worlds,
And spend them freely as the tree his leaves;
And give them where the giving is most blest.
What should we save them for, –a night of frost? . . .
All lost for nothing, and ourselves a ghost

Conrad Aiken–One Star Fell and Another

On the 6th of November at the Byron School of Art Project Space I will show the work I have been creating as part of the Visual Arts Portfolio Course in a Solo Exhibition called “Words That Fall Like Stars”.

These paintings celebrate of the beauty of language and expression. Inspired by words I have come across that hold more power than marks on paper should. Words like art. Glorious words that fall like stars from the mouths of those that know them, words that when you find them, ignite a spark of consciousness that connects us better than any mobile service or wireless network ever could.


"Meraki" encaustic, cold wax and oil on board

“Meraki” encaustic, cold wax and oil on board


(Love, Blood and Tears :: a reason not to die)

mA-‘rak-E (n) Greek

The soul, creativity or love that you put into something.

The essence of self that you put into your work.


Stay in touch for more details as the date approaches

please contact using the site or on Facebook

if you wish to receive and invitation.


The only way to get past the doubts and fears you have about your practice is to suspend your judgement. One cannot stop it, that would be like trying to stop night from following day. If we just let it be there without believing it, take a moment and open our eyes and listen to the work, we might just find there is something present that we never had the eyes to see before.

I have had the pleasure of working with some excellent teachers of late, not just incredibly talented artists, but good educators. They are honest, and they have been pointing at the moon for a while now and I have only just stopped looking at their fingers.

I thank them for sometimes stealing my work from me when I was about to ruin it, for forgiving me when I accidentally made their work instead of my own, for reminding me that art is not only painting, for helping me see that not every hour you spend in the studio is productive in the sense of creating work (and that is ok) and for helping me to see that doing the work is much more important than selling it.

I am forever grateful, and so is my muse (we don’t fight as much any more)

In this journal I will share the highs and lows of my studio practice for your judgement or pleasure. I welcome both and hope you are inclined to connect with a follow or a comment

sins of the father

“sins of the father” acrylic, graphite and pencil on paper